Friday, August 27, 2010

Shaklee Scam Why Are Some People Up In Arms?

In the home business industry, and particular in network marketing, you hear through the grapevine that there is some kind of Shaklee Scam going on, and has been for years.  But what is the truth behind all of that, particularly with the business opportunity.

First, let me be clear, I personally don't believe there is any kind of scam going on, but rather people who have become disenchanted with the company and network marketing industry in general.

People who decry a Shaklee scam in general are the same kinds of persons who have never had any kind of success in any kind of home based business, or business in general.

I believe the source of the angst and ill will on some peoples part is two fold.

First, these allegations and hard thoughts come from those who gave running a Shaklee business a casual try for a month or two and then gave up, raising their hands in utter frustration claiming that this "doesn't work".

Let's get really honest and open here.  Shaklee as a business is no less a scam than another other home business, nor real business for that matter.  It requires real hard work and determination to make a go of it.  It's really unfortunate that in this industry, people often turn to it with unrealistic expectations of quick just doesn't work like that.

Secondly, you get the kind of person that joins and were given completely false expectations from the get go.  While honestly this isn't really likely with this company, as they pride themselves on their integrity and tend to attract those who exhibit the same kinds of qualities.

But, relating to the first point, these hope will quickly be dashed when people see the reality of hard work that is required.

It's an unfortunate fact that, while it is indeed a great company with a superb product line, sometimes uplines can portray that the products "sell themselves" or that just by starting a business with this company you will be successful.

So, is there a Shaklee scam going on?  No, not in the least.

If you really think about it, in this or any other network marketing opportunity, the products might be great and the company top notch, but your final success really comes down to your own personal efforts, not how glitzy the brochures are, nor how lucrative the compensation plan might appear to be.

What works best in this, or any other business is learning how to really target your marketing.  Who already is looking for the benefits of specifically what you have to offer?

Go after those people and selling products or developing a downline becomes much easier.

You can do this in a bunch of different ways, by listening for needs in your warm market, all the way to marketing your business locally through magazines, or home expos.

Also, today in particular with the reach of the internet and popularity of websites like Google and Facebook, it is that much easier to get in touch with the right kind of people.

So, what do you think about this Shaklee Scam debate?


  1. I've done some investigating this business myself. The only major concern I have is the way some individuals market it. I'm sure Shaklee doesn't know how some people market the product. I've had a door-to-door window salesman come in my house only to find out he really wanted to "introduce" me to Shaklee. By then he had my name, address, phone number and e-mail address for a possible bay window replacement. This is using a window company to get information. When I called the window company to report it I gave them his name and offered a description of what he looked like, they said they had too many sales people to know which one it is.

  2. Hello Cathy, So sorry you had that experience. I can assure you it was an exception, a single distributor, mostly guilty of blind zealousness I imagine, and absolutely not corporate policy! I have been a happy product user for 23 years for a reason: everything works and works well and better than anything else! I have also gotten income when took time to share Shaklee. Now I have gone full time, because since the advent of our visionary CEO Roger Barnett, Shaklee leads the market not only in quality and proof, but in compensation. Please let me know if I can help you with your exploration of this exemplary business, tauted as one of the best for women the other day on the CBS Early Show;contentBody
    My website with info on our opportunity and products, mnus hype and nonsense(!) is and I work globally and in multiple languages. Look forward to talking to you and anyone else seeking facts and hope. :-)

    1. I understand that some people still believe Shaklee is not a scam. Check the section about risks to your health at


    2. Still going strong...see the common sense way to purchase healthier safer quality goods for the same or less than in stores with MANY health benefits...fixed many of my medical problems...see for a short video showing why changing brands makes sense on every level.
      Linda at or 866-532-5777 if you would like to know why I am still working with Shaklee after 25 years (BTW - Allen et all, scams don't last 56 years with A+ BBB ratings like Shaklee has!!!)

    3. According to the FTC Shaklee is like the snake oil salesmen

    4. wow--this is strange! I've been using the Shaklee supplements for 42 years and have had great results--on no meds at age 68 and I've had only one antibiotic in those 42 years. I am grateful to the friends who shared it with me!

  3. Shaklee is identified by the US Federal Trade Commission as being scam-like. I found this site useful:

  4. Shaklee is identified by the US Federal Trade Commission as being scam-like. I found this site useful:

  5. I have been refusing to let me wife get involved in MLM or Network marketing sales for years. The only way to succeed in this type of home business is to have a product that no one else has, that delivers what it promises and rewards those that work hard to sell the product. While Shaklee has many products similar, albeit reportedly better, than other MLM companies, they do have three stellar unique products for health and anti-aging that sell themselves. The average Shaklee customer that tries any/or all of these three products stays a devoted customer for an average of 17 years.

    There are plenty of people making amazing amounts of money with Shaklee. Those that look for a way to get rich quick, should look elsewhere. Anyone wanting to build a better and healthier future can count on the products and organization within Shaklee that rewards people who know it takes work to make any business succeed. 206-605-0356